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I'm a licensed* Medical Doctor with a master in Science in International Health and Diplomas in travel and tropical medicine, from the tropical medicine institute of Charité Universitat, Berlin, Germany.
With more than 10 years with Doctors Without Borders -Medicins Sans Frontieres (MSF)
I have vast experience in medical - humanitarian aid and emergency response in multiple countries.
I participated in medical emergency and humanitarian aid projects.
I have experience in earthquake response, NTD, vector control programs and watsan projects. From small projects up to projects with over 5 million EUR budget.

My area of expertise in tropical medicine are the neglected tropical deseases with focus in the Tri-tyrps (Chagas, Sleeping Sickness and Leishmaniasis)

I also have a strong background on Medical Informatics, telemedicine and mhealth.
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* I have a valid profesional license from Colegio de Médicos de la Provincia de Córdoba, Argentina


Vast experience in Project design, implementation and evaluations for:
Humanitarian aid: emergency response to natural disasters. Neglected tropical Diseases: Chagas Diseases, Leishmaniasis, Human African Trypasionomiasis, Dengue, Vector control.Wash activities: design and evaluation.Medical Education: program design, implementation and evaluation.Applied Medical Informatics and telemedicineIf you need assistance in any of these area, please contact me for further details and to check my availability.

* I have a valid profesional license from Colegio de Médicos de la Provincia de Córdoba, Argentina

Travel Medicine - Medicina del viajero

It's the area of medicine that specializes in preventing, diagnosing and treating diseases and conditions that are acquired during travel. Travelers to different countries should be aware of the potential for acquiring diseases and injury which are not common in their own country.

I provide medical advice and consultation* for travelers, helping them on planing a safe trip, during their trip with remote medical advice and on return for medical follow up.
Consultations are only available to people living or traveling in Cordoba, Argentina.
I'm able to comunicate in Spanish, English, Portuguese and German
Traveling to Argentina? Contact me.

* only available for residents or travelers of Provincia de Córdoba, Argentina

Contact me.

My Blogs - Mis Blogs

I like to "write" in my mind, some of these words end up written and only a few I share them. In these two blogs you can find some of the stories I shared. Both are in Spanish, and a bit neglected.Voy escribiendo mentalmente mis recuerdos, algunos llegan a ser escritos, otros pocos compartidos. En mis blogs podes encontrar las historias que he compartido. Los dos blog estan principalmente en español y olvidados.
This is my first blog, more personal, here I share some stories of my life, as I have the believe that our history is build up of infinite parts of others stories that when added up form our life story.Es mi primer blog, mas personal, cuento historias de vida, historias que forman parte de mi vida, ya que creo que la historia de cada uno esta compuesta por infinidad de historias compartidas por quienes se nos cruzaron en el camino.
Argentina Amiga 
In this travel and photography blog . I'm still uploading what I lived and saw in more than 8000 miles of traveling Argentina in my little car.En este blog te viajes, relato y muestro lo que vivi y conocí en mis viajes por la Argentina recorriendo mas de 13mil kilometros en mi pequeño carro.

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